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    Supply Chain - UPS, A Leader & A Strategic Partner

    UPS, our chosen logistics partner for over 30 years, has committed to and invested in alternative fuels and alternative energy measures. And we applaud that!! [Read full article]
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    Sustainability + Savings: The Martha's Vineyard Wind Farm

    It’s no coincidence that EFI is headquartered in Massachusetts as they have long been a leader in environmentally-friendly initiatives. The latest accolade to add to their sustainability resume is a commercial-scale offshore wind farm. This will be the first of its kind in the United States and is predicted to save Massachusetts residents around 1.4 billion dollars. [Read full article]
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    How EFI lives and breathes to improve our working environment

    The only way our mission succeeds is if EFI is the leader of its own objectives. We believe it’s paramount to lead by action and lead from the front. [Read full article]
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    eCommerce Marketplace Impacts

    During the calendar year of 2017, EFI received eCommerce orders for 2.4 million energy-saving products. If all products ordered are installed, 138 million fewer kilowatt hours of electricity will be consumed annually, which is equivalent to the annual energy consumption of over 12,000 homes in the United States. [Read full article]
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    EFI Donations: Every Day is EE Day

    October 5th, 2018 will be Energy Efficiency Day. Although it is the third annual EE Day celebrated, EFI believes it’s important to make Energy Efficiency a part of our organization’s priorities and bring awareness all year round. Here are a few ways we’ve contributed to the cause through sponsorships and donations. [Read full article]