We have always led the way, working with the most reputable manufacturers making sure we provide our customers with products that live up to expectations and deliver real savings.
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Energy Efficient Lighting

Since Compact Fluorescent Lighting was first brought into the US in 1985, EFI has been at the forefront of the latest in lighting technologies. We are continuing to lead the industry today as we are stocking and distributing the best in LED technology. Screw-in light bulbs, hard-wired fixtures for both indoor and outdoor applications, portable floor, table and desk lamps and commercial grade lighting packages are all available from EFI.


Ventilation has been a central part of our product offering to contractors since the early days of Energy Star® building practices. We offer a complete line of ventilation products to insure that building occupants are getting the fresh air they need in the most energy efficient manner possible. EFI carries HVI certified Heat and Energy recovery Ventilators along with the quietest most energy efficient exhaust fans available.

Air Sealing

Air sealing is the other side of the indoor air quality equation. Look to EFI to help you select the best foams and sealants, weather- stripping, tapes, attic penetration covers and other high quality products to make your homes more comfortable and energy efficient while improving indoor air quality.

Testing Equipment

Building professionals rely on EFI to carry the best testing equipment for use in residential construction. We carry blower doors, infra-red cameras, combustion testing devices, CO and smoke detectors. All the equipment you need to diagnose your buildings and help you deliver the safest, most comfortable and energy efficient homes in the market.

Programmable Thermostats and Electricity Monitors

In addition to basic programmable thermostats, EFI stocks the latest in Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. We also carry Advanced Power Strips and electricity monitors to help occupants cut down on ‘phantom’ loads and measure electricity use.

Water Saving Devices

The water saving products that EFI carries will ensure that less of this precious resource is used without a compromise to performance. Showerheads, aerators, pipe insulation and other devices deliver savings not only of water, but also gas and electricity.

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