EFI’s Conversational Knowledgebase: Efficiently Exceeding Customer Expectations

EFI’s Conversational Knowledgebase: Efficiently Exceeding Customer Expectations Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

It goes without saying that clear, friendly, and helpful communication is paramount to a positive customer service experience - but customers want more. In this digital age, ever-evolving technology and data insights give companies the power to personalize messaging for customers’ needs, and customers expect no different from a contact center. But when you respond to over 350,000 inquiries a year like EFI’s contact center experts do, how do you find the time to tailor each interaction? You use technology, data, and a conversational knowledgebase to efficiently provide customers exactly what they want and need - fast.

Data Insights and Technology Enhance the Live Chat Experience

Messaging and live chat are currently the fastest-growing customer engagement channels. At EFI, live chatting goes a step beyond typical customer support by utilizing adaptive chatbots. Applying information from aggregated customer data and detailed insights from across all communication channels, EFI has developed a friendly, interactive, conversational knowledgebase for customers. Using this tool, EFI is able to supply answers to a wide range of inquiries on demand, effectively meeting customer needs while saving time for contact center experts.

Effortless, Continuous Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction and feedback is easily obtained through this method of communication. The conversational knowledgebase is designed to give customers an interactive environment so they feel like they are conversing with a friendly contact center representative.

Christopher Palaima, Director of Customer Experience at EFI, states, “Studies show that customers are extremely honest with bots, and the data obtained from these conversations is able to shape our constantly evolving customer experience. Using artificial intelligence is an effortless way to engage with customers and give them the personalized experience they are after.”

About the EFI Contact Center

Trained for your utility company’s protocol, EFI’s in-house contact center experts answer 350,000+ calls and chats a year, working seamlessly with utility branded marketplace and rebate technologies.


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