EE Kits: How a Few Bundled Products Can Help Utility Customers in Need

EE Kits: How a Few Bundled Products Can Help Utility Customers in Need Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

Labor Day is behind us and fall is right around the corner. As much as we love colorful leaves, fresh picked apples, and pumpkin everything here in New England, we have to face the fact that cold days are soon to follow. We also have to recognize that this year, in the wake of COVID-19, colder weather and higher energy bills may bring a larger-than-normal sense of dread to many. When simply sharing winter energy savings tips won’t cut it, what can utilities do to help struggling customers? One solution is a customized energy efficiency kit.

What's an EE Kit?

EFI’s Energy Efficiency (EE) Kits are branded boxes designed to boost customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and energy-saving goals for utilities and customers alike. Kits are customized with the utility's choice of energy-saving products and educational material. EFI designs, builds, and ships the kits directly to customers, ensuring convenience, quality, and a positive customer touchpoint.

Kits Proven Effective During COVID-19 Crisis

In March of 2020, kits were proven effective in strengthening utility-customer relationships and sustaining energy-efficiency efforts despite social distancing and a spike in home energy use. Many utilities chose to provide kits at no cost, helping customers save in an unprecedented time of need and to recognize their utility as a trusted, reliable energy provider.

To learn more about the positive impact of kits, view our case study, How Utilities are Responding to Customers’ Fear.

Here's How It Works

Creating a customized EE kit is easy and convenient. Here’s how it works:

1. Customize - Utility personalizes the kit with branding, messaging, and educational materials

2. Choose Products - Utility selects the energy-efficient products for the kit

3 - We do the Rest! -  EFI procures product and ships the kit directly to your customers


Thousands of EE Products for Your Custom Kit

EFI’s product offering is regularly growing and evolving, giving you thousands of products to mix, match, and maximize savings in your kits. Here are some favorites:

Smart Thermostats - An item that would be particularly helpful this winter, smart thermostats can reduce energy use from 5% to 15% a year when programmed properly.

LEDs - LED bulbs and night lights are always a popular choice for kits, using 90% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs and lasting a really long time.

Advanced Power Strips - Tier I APSs are common kit components, as they are simple upgrades that may offer substantial savings. According to, the average home wastes about $200 a year on standby power. Swapping some old strips out with some new APSs can certainly help reduce that.

Water Products - WaterSense showerheads are 20% more water-efficient than standard showerheads, helping customers conserve hot water. Aerators are often included in kits as well, as they simply reduce water consumption by incorporating air into a faucet’s water stream.

Weatherization - Simple, cost-effective weatherization tools such as outlet gaskets and foam weatherstipping help reduce cold drafts and increase home comfort. Sealing up cracks and gaps in the home can go a long way in reducing energy costs, and these are a great start.


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