How your business can invest to conserve Energy and Resources

How your business can invest to conserve Energy and Resources Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

EFI lives and breathes improving our environment, and here's how!

Create a Mission and/or a Wildly Important Goal.

Energy Federation, Inc. believes it is essential to encourage people to use our planet's limited energy and water resources wisely. We assist people in these efforts by offering high-quality conservation products and services at affordable prices while communicating practical, objective information. We believe that by following this mission, our work will lead to an improved quality of life and economic condition EFI Mission Statement.

The only way our mission succeeds is if EFI is the leader of its own objectives. We believe it's paramount to lead by action and lead from the front.

Make reasonable goals for your organization to achieve.

Every year, EFI creates a Sustainability Action Plan for accountability. Here are some of our reduction goals starting in 2015, to reach by 2020:

  • Reduce EFI Facility CO2 Emissions based on a /sqft basis by 10%.
  • Reduce EFI Employee Commuting CO2 Emissions based on a / full-time employee basis by 10%.
  • Reduce EFI copy and print paper usage based on a / full-time employee basis by 25%.

Generate measurable action items for your objectives to be produced.
Share them with your organization for your mission to come to life.

Here are some of the actions EFI has taken yearly to improve our working environment:

  • To all of the employees, we have provided glass and thermal reusable water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic being used at EFI.
  • We have stacked our cabinets with reusable EFI mugs instead of offering plastic or paper cups.
  • We have changed all of our T8's CFL fixtures to T8 LED's. Through this change, we have reduced our wattage from 96 watts to 25 watts per fixture. (We also removed the T8 in the center of our fixture to reduce wattage.)
  • For Earth Day, we partner with towns near EFI's office to clean the streets by picking up trash.
  • We have fit all of our offices with advanced smart power strips to reduce energy consumption.
  • EFI purchases 30% recycled paper.
  • Each year, EFI offers free LED's for our employees to utilize at home.

And so much more!


"Businesses are always faced with the constant challenge of finding ways to make your business more efficient and sufficient. Energy conservation is a fundamental way to save capital, and provide higher efficiency for a company. There are straightforward ways to make your business more efficient." Erich Lawson

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