Reflecting on ACEEE’s 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard

Reflecting on ACEEE’s 2020 Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

ACEEE recently released its second edition of the Utility Energy Efficiency Scorecard and we immediately popped some popcorn, refilled our fizzy beverage, and dove right into the results. For those unfamiliar, the scorecard assesses 52 of the largest electric utility companies in the US using a wide range of metrics to designate points for each utility.

There are 3 main categories in which the utilities are scored:

  1. Energy-efficient program performance
  2. Program offerings and portfolio comprehensiveness
  3. Enabling mechanisms for efficiency

So why the popcorn? As a Massachusetts corporate-based company, we are over the moon with excitement to see Eversource MA and National Grid tied for the number one spot on ACEEE’s list with total scores of 46 each (out of 50). This is the second time they managed to snag the top slot and we celebrate both Eversource and National Grid on this impressive accomplishment.

ACEEE energy efficiency scorecard

EFI partners with both Eversource and National Grid, ensuring their utility programs not only meet their goals but exceed them. In 2019, on their Mass Save online marketplace, the two utility companies combined sold over 35,000 smart thermostats, generating roughly 9 million kWh savings and cutting over 8 million pounds of CO2 emissions. They also sold over 20,000 ENERGY STAR certified LED light bulbs, accruing a total of 633,000 kWh savings and avoiding 6 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

smart thermostats kilowatt hours saved energy savings utility marketplaceEversource and National Grid care about energy savings and are willing to intensify their efforts wherever possible to make a difference. Some of these efforts include focusing more on helping low-income communities become more energy-efficient and researching new technology to support, such as electric vehicles. 

Whether it is the scorecard itself motivating the utility companies or simply the evolution of the EE times, the progress being made is astounding. ACEEE said it best in their summary when they observed, “The Scorecard gives utilities, regulators, and other stakeholders benchmarking data and a roadmap they can use to track performance and strengthen utility-sector energy efficiency.”

Want to dive into the full report? You can download it now on the ACEEE website.

Want a quick overview? ACEEE also released this summary video, highlighting the report.


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