Tour of the Modern Smart Home: The Bathroom

Tour of the Modern Smart Home: The Bathroom Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

This post is part of a 3 part series. If you missed the others, you can read about The Family Room here and The Kitchen here.

Your new home is just what you hoped it would be. You couldn’t be happier with how energy-efficient the most lived-in areas of the home are. It not only makes you feel good about your carbon footprint but also about your wallet as you will be able to save a lot of money on your utility bills annually.

Hmm, that’s odd you wonder as you make your way into the bathroom. Bathrooms can be energy-efficient, too? There are many ways to save energy in the bathroom and as you walk inside, you are delighted to see the countertop and sink illuminated by a set of LED lights framing the mirror. The amount of light LEDs give off is impressive for how little energy they use when in use.

What about the shower? That is used so frequently, how can you possibly be efficient there? After all, the typical shower uses about 15-20 gallons of water! You are immediately put at ease when you recognize the water-saving showerhead and tub spout installed.

This advanced showerhead and tub spout will cease the flow of water once it warms up to the ideal shower temperature. When ready to fill the tub or ready to shower, all you have to do is pull on the cord on the showerhead or push the lever on the spout to resume the water flow.

panasonic whispergreen fans are a great energy efficient choice

It is then that you notice the bathroom fan above you. You have to check twice to make sure it was turned on when you entered because it is so quiet, you can barely hear it. Alas, the fan IS on and working hard to keep the air fresh in the bathroom despite how little energy it uses to operate.

It’s a Panasonic WhisperGreen fan, known for its effective ventilating power without disturbing the peace of the bathroom. Panasonic fans are a great way to remove odors and humidity from spaces (such as your bathroom) which are prone to conditions that cause mold and moisture-related issues if proper ventilation isn’t in place.

With a wash of your hands, you depart the bathroom and head back into your energy-efficient home. Not only do you feel confident in the choice you made (buying a modern home with energy-saving measures in place and enabled with connected smart home devices) but you feel safe, efficient, and clever. You look forward to many years here saving energy and money on your utility bills.


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