Why LED Tube Lights Are the Superior Choice

Why LED Tube Lights Are the Superior Choice Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

While T8 LED lighting is most commonly used in the commercial environment (offices, retail spaces, hospitality, warehouses, and more), they can also be used in the home environment in storage areas such as garages, workshops, and other similar spots. These LED tubes replace the more outdated fluorescent tubes and are regarded as the number one selling lightbulb in America.

Save Electricity
An LED T8 is much more energy-efficient than fluorescent tubes and offers numerous benefits such as a reduction in wattage, which leads to a reduction in heat put off by the bulbs (in turn, this also cuts down air conditioner usage!). T8 LED bulbs can replace a T12 bulb of the same length and wattage as T8s are just one inch in diameter and come in a number of various lengths for whatever your lighting needs require.

Longer Lifespan
When compared to fluorescent tubes, LEDs are 50% more energy-efficient, have a longer life of up to 50,000+ hours (compared to the 15,000 for standard fluorescents), offer better and brighter light, and possibly most importantly, are both shatterproof and mercury-free!

Brighter, Better, Light
EFI offers a multiple T8 LED bulbs from TCP’s new line of DirecT8 ballast compatible LED lamps. These lamps are more efficient than ever and are compatible with Instant Start, Rapid Start, and Program Start ballasts. These T8s are also compatible with select 0-10V dimming ballasts. TCP’s new line is also DLC rated for 50,000+ hours and comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

High Quality
This summer, EFI is offering wholesale customers the TCP T8s at a special price of $5.49 per bulb. If customers purchase more than 10 bulbs, they save an additional 9% and receive their bulbs for the low price of $4.98 per bulb.

Keep in mind that it is always important to make sure that T8 LEDs are compatible with your current lighting system in order to ensure proper installation. However, T8 LEDs are a fantastic way to save money on utility bills while getting longer life out of your bulbs.


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