Safety at Your Fingertips: PPE Health & Safety Gear Now Available

Safety at Your Fingertips: PPE Health & Safety Gear Now Available Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

Utilities across the country have been working around the clock for the last few months to try and pivot to abide by new restrictions and guidelines while keeping their programs running successfully. It’s been challenging but they have proven to be innovative and creative as they formed new ways to support their customers in their time of need.

In-home energy audits and visits quickly became prohibited. Instead of canceling this massive initiative, many utilities moved to a virtual experience. Connecting to the customer via video call or phone call, auditors have been able to still provide their expertise and recommendations to customers to help them save energy in their homes.

While the virtual audit isn’t going away just yet, some utilities are starting to plan for the return of the in-home audit and what that will look like. One thing is for sure – they will need protection and precaution. PPE gear such as face shields, masks, and coveralls will be critical in making the customer feel comfortable letting auditors back in their homes.

The challenge is that all safety equipment and wearables are difficult to come by. Manufacturers have been struggling to keep up with demand. EFI is happy to announce that we’ve got our utility contractors (as well as other businesses that must enter homes to provide their service) covered – literally!

efi now offers PPE health and safety

How Does PPE Equipment Work?

  • The hooded coverall is great to ensure the wearer is protected from non-hazardous particles, light liquid splash, and bacteria in the air that may attach to the clothing and leave the premises on their person. It also protects those around them from any bacteria or particles currently on the wearer’s clothing or person and limits the spread.
  • 3 Ply masks can be worn over the nose and mouth to prevent the spread of bacteria while speaking, coughing, sneezing, and more. It can also help keep the wearer protected in a high-risk environment.
  • Face shields provide an additional barrier when worn with a face mask. The shield protects the wearer from airborne material, liquid, and bacteria and limits the exposure in high-risk environments.
  • Certain hand sanitizers (with 70% alcohol) have the power to kill the COVID-19 virus and help prevent the spread.

EFI now offers health and safety gear and products at great prices. There is more product being added every day and there is more on the way to keep our contractors protected while providing their clients with quality service.


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