Utility Marketing: Moving the Needle

Utility Marketing: Moving the Needle Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

With COVID-19 forcing both individuals and companies to think differently, utility companies are leveraging online marketplaces to offer new avenues for customers to upgrade their homes while staying safe. As a result, customers have been able to either remain energy-efficient or begin their energy efficiency journey. EFI’s utility marketplaces have seen an incredible uptick in traffic and sales of products largely due to engaged customers, guided by their utility’s empowering marketing to take advantage of the resources available to them. With customers concerned about what post-COVID life might look like for them, data shows that home improvement sales have been increasing during this uncertain time. Why?

The rise in home improvement investments may be attributed to individuals and families spending more time at home. Other data suggests that individuals are concerned about their financial position and job market stability, causing them to react to the situation by researching avenues to save money. Ultimately, customers are actively engaged, shopping, and looking for deals or advice as they navigate these uncertain times.

Even some of the more COVID vulnerable locations are showcasing an increase in results. Clients in both New Jersey and New York have had some of the highest conversion growth overall as well as additional product sales growth – all from utilities leveraging their trusted voice to ensure that their customers have a safe and convenient place to save energy during a time of need.

Why drive traffic to an online marketplace?

  • U.S. retailers’ online year-over-year (YoY) revenue growth is up 68%
  • 24% of consumers said they wouldn’t feel comfortable shopping in a mall
  • Online customers are changing their behavior to opt for time-saving and convenient options

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