Staff in the Spotlight: Jordan DosSantos

Staff in the Spotlight: Jordan DosSantos Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

The spotlight is on Jordan DosSantos this month, EFI’s IT Supervisor. Jordan addresses all of EFI’s internal IT issues daily as well as escalating or requesting other IT assistance when necessary. He is also focused on making sure that staff can efficiently work with their computer hardware and software in order to maintain optimal productivity on their day to day tasks. Recently, Jordan has been gaining more exposure to the networking and processing systems that keep EFI operating at maximum efficiency, expanding his knowledge in the IT space.

Jordan began working with EFI just short of two years ago but has worked in the energy efficiency industry for close to seven years. Previously, Jordan worked with EFI partner, CLEAResult, where he managed a five-person team. He credits this challenge with teaching him about how to lead in a corporate environment and how to manage multiple responsibilities at the same time.

When Jordan is not in the office performing his IT wizardry, Jordan thoroughly enjoys art, graphic design, and personal training. He also recently began gardening, a new challenge he is still figuring out the requirements for. He is always trying his hand at something new and seeks challenges because adversity helps him grow and shows him how he can be creative with new solutions.

Jordan believes that having experiences of fear, failure, embarrassment, and defeat is necessary and a good thing in life as they represent limits that impede growth – limits one can then grow to breakthrough. Jordan also believes his wife has helped him become a more focused, thoughtful, and passionate person, not only at home but also in the professional environment.

Since the beginning of his career in the energy efficiency industry, Jordan has always looked for ways to bring an energy-efficient mindset into his home life. Jordan has replaced all lightbulbs in his home with LED bulbs in addition to shopping specifically for ENERGY STAR certified products. Jordan has also explored the possibility of installing solar paneling at his house!

Jordan constantly seeks out opportunities to challenge himself in order to discover opportunities for personal evolution in everyday moments, a mentality that is shared here at EFI. We love having Jordan as a member of our team and we cannot wait to see his growth and development within the company!

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