Staff in the Spotlight: Migbel Santiago

Staff in the Spotlight: Migbel Santiago Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

July’s Staff in the Spotlight is Migbel Santiago, EFI’s Senior Accountant. Some of Migbel’s day-to-day responsibilities include reconciling accounts, kit program cost reconciliations, assisting with month-end closing, bank and financial audits, supporting the finance managers and staff with any troubleshooting needs they have related to our ERP system and integration with the multiple systems we work with.  She also works directly with IT and consultants during upgrades, system changes, and issues.  

Migbel grew up with EFI. She started here over 18 years ago as a bilingual customer service rep as a temporary employee and quickly grew into a fulltime finance role after tackling a special assignment from the finance department. Since then, Migbel has done a little bit of everything from Invoicing Specialist to Staff Accountant, Payroll Admin to Finance Supervisor, as well as Finance Manager working directly with the CFO.  

Migbel jokes fondly, “I still remember the days when rebate checks were printed on a Genicom printer. Oh, running towards it to make sure the checks were printing correctly!” The good ol’ days, right, Migbel? 

When she’s not helping the team figure out a bank reconciliation or focusing in on one of the many spreadsheets she created many years ago to support our processes, Migbel can be found photographing the wonder of nature around her and spending quality time with her boyfriend and children. She loves watching her children reach their goals – whether it’s performing in front of an audience, hitting a home run, or landing a spot on an advanced level gymnastics group, Migbel’s kids amaze her every day.

Ever since she started to work for EFI, Migbel has done her best to evolve into a more energy-efficient lifestyle with her family. She has changed all her light bulbs to LEDs and has even started hanging clothes instead of using the dryer. She also tries to use less water when washing dishes and makes the best of natural airflow to reduce the need for air conditioners and heat. She also tries to use her car as efficiently as she can. Though she doesn’t drive a small or eco-friendly car in particular, she does try to make its “eco” setting light go on as much as possible when commuting every day. As Migbel knows from her time here at EFI, it’s the little things we do that add up to a lot!

Throughout her career, Migbel has pushed herself to keep learning but teaching what she learned to others and seeing them succeed is one of her greatest accomplishments at EFI.

We couldn’t agree more! You contribute so much here, Migbel! We thank you for all your dedication and hard work!

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