4th of July Smart Thermostat Promotion Success

4th of July Smart Thermostat Promotion Success Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

In honor of the 4th of July, EFI offered special discounts on Google Nest Thermostats with the ability for customers to receive a FREE Google Home Mini with their purchase. This Independence Day sale ran from June 27th to July 13th with 14 of our partners participating in the offer. The headline deal of this promotion was an additional $60 off the Google Nest Learning Thermostat with the Google Home Mini included at absolutely no additional cost to the shopper.

These savings were additionally stackable on top of the everyday utility incentive which customers typically receive, meaning that, on certain marketplaces, customers received up to $160 off their Google Nest purchase with the added value of a free Google Home Mini (typically a $40 value), making this promotion an excellent way for our marketplaces to promote their rebate programs.

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During the initial period of the sale, clients experienced significant spikes in site traffic and Google Nests purchased with this number remaining strong during the week of the holiday. FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”) emails were sent to customers towards the end of the sale, which caused an extremely high conversion rate of 14%. Also important to note, almost 90% of site traffic was from new customers!

Despite the increased site traffic during the promotion period, EFI was able to maintain a level of excellent customer service through the diligence of our IT, Customer Service, and Logistics teams. 

In the early stages of sale preparation, EFI’s clients set a goal of moving 7,000 Google Nest units while EFI set the bar slightly higher for a goal of 9,000 units. By the end of the sale period, over 11,000 units were sold, making this promotion a major success for both EFI and our partners.

At EFI our goal is to ensure that everyone has access to energy savings and energy-efficient products and, with the help of our clients, our marketplace promotions ensure that this goal is met.


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