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Earth Day Results Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

In celebration of Earth Day, 25 of EFI’s utility marketplaces offered special discounts to their customers on smart thermostats between April 22nd and April 30th. Throughout the week we saw email campaigns from all clients announcing the limited time to save. We saw an initial surge of activity on Earth Day itself when the first emails went out and then sales peaked at the end of the promotional period when FOMO emails (aka “Fear of Missing Out” emails) hit inboxes starting on Friday, April 26th

 During the periods of elevated site traffic and order volume, our IT, Customer Service, and Logistics teams stepped up their game to keep site performance strong, the customer experience seamless, and the fulfillment process expedient. Conversion rates were strong across the board and, in the end, we sold roughly nine thousand smart thermostats during the Earth day week! This promotion is a great example of our marketplaces being used as a proactive positive customer touchpoint in an industry where customer interactions have often been retroactive and contentious due to outages. Our marketplaces paint a picture of the devotion our clients have to their energy savings and the environment - and what better day to remind customers of this mission than Earth Day?

The Sales and Marketing team would like to thank everyone for their continued focus leading up to and during this year’s annual Earth Day promotion.


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