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EFI is working closely with Duke Energy's residential stores to produce the annual March Madness promotion. This promotion last year won an E Source Utility Ad award contest for energy efficiency & demand response. Since it was such a successful promotion for 2018, EFI & Duke Energy collaborated to bring it back to 2019.

The Duke Energy Residential stores for Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Kentucky are offering their customers the opportunity to purchase 4 different types of LED light bulbs for the cost of just 16¢ each through an online ecommerce experience! There is an outdoor reflector, indoor reflector, a decorative bulb and a globe being offered. After roughly two days of the promotion launching, the EFI Duke Energy online stores sold over 96,000 light bulbs. The projection was 70,000 light bulbs, but that goal has been surpassed! The key to ending a successful promotion is through FOMO (fear of missing out) messaging, which drives significant sales and spikes analytics!

Duke Energy and EFI are projecting to sell 115,000 bulbs by April 8 which surpasses the selling goal by 39%. Traffic has already increased by 152% from the previous weeks, resulting in a 15% conversion rate. Talk about a slam dunk! We are thrilled to be working with Duke Energy on this promotion and hope for continued success.


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