Utility Marketplaces: The Benefits of a Bundle

Utility Marketplaces: The Benefits of a Bundle Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

EFI’s annual Earth Day promotion has historically increased sales on smart thermostats across all participating utility marketplaces, empowering utility customers to make energy-efficient shopping decisions and upgrading their current (and outdated) thermostats at home.

It was during the Earth Day 2020 promotion that the concept of bundling was proposed. Data and sales showed the team what products were struggling to make it into shopping carts. Could it simply be due to low interest? Or were there other factors at play?

By combining low-selling items with a hot item, such as a fantastically discounted smart thermostat, utilities saw an amazing uptick in sales on these traditionally unpopular items. Not only did sales increase, but the product was also now in customers’ homes, exposing them to additional energy-efficient products available to them on the online store.

utility marketplaces saw success in bundling items

There are many ways to boost conversions on a marketplace but bundling products to widen exposure and reach is an innovative way to engage with customers while providing them with helpful suggestions to expand their energy savings at home.

Why Bundle?

  • Helps utilities reach their savings goals for their energy efficiency program
  • Increases visibility on all of the product offerings available on the marketplace, not just the popular promotional products!
  • An innovative way to speed up product adoption for brand new products

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