Your customers will save more!

Connect your EFI marketplace to your behavioral programs powered by partners like Opower, Bidgely and Smart Energy Water (SEW). Present your customers with immediate and timely energy and money saving products and or programs. 

If you know what a customer needs to help save energy, and lower bills, the EFI Marketplace will catch and convert the customers into real tangible and trackable savings for your programs

Help adjust behavior with data

Nowadays customers expect you to know something about them, data is everywhere. Let EFI and our behavioral partners determine how best to help your customers save. Hard to reach audiences, segments that could save even more, areas of your jurisdiction that where hit hard by a weather incident, 


We partner with any and all tools out there. Already work with a behavioral partner? We can work with that!

Real Impacts

When customers are aware of what they need based on data, we see a 3X increase in activity and energy savings conversions!

Tracking and Reporting

Test, and learn what is working, what content, what products, what messaging? Learn even more about your customers, and how best to serve and grow their energy savings

EFI Technology Cores

EFI's All in One Utility Technology Core is your customer engagement tool of the future

Fulfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end in the marketplace. It ends when the product arrives at their door.

Customer Engagement Core

The All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities with holistic & behavioral analytic view of your customers' needs.

Instant Savings Core

With the Utility Marketplace, clients experience an 80% decrease in their program costs.

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