Growth in Electrification is Booming!

EFI and our customer engagement marketplace has expanded our offering to now include ways to help your customers learn all about Beneficial Electrification programs, products and tools. Products like Rooftop Solar, Heat Pump Water Heaters, Battery Storage, and Electric Vehicles CLICK HERE

Electric Vehicles grew 85% from 21 to 22!

Wow, your customers are interested and buying! We have partnered with Energy Sage to leverage their Electric Vehicle look up and educational tool. Embed and offer this tool along side your traditional energy efficiency products and offer a collaborative and educational experience! 

Heat Pump Water Heaters, Engage & Empower

Our partner Electrum offers a Heat Pump Water Heater tool that helps your customers learn about what IS a Heat Pump Water Heater? What is best for my house? And then pairs your customer with the best local contractor. Let us help you expand your customers interest in Heat Pumps, and really help them understand what is best for their home! CLICK HERE

Drive Adoption

The easier a process is, the more growth you will see. Leverage the thousands of monthly users on marketplaces to grow your programs. Let us walk you through how we can help! Email us!


Summers are hotter and Winters are colder, the grid demand is increasing. Let our partners help drive your customers learn about and explore the Solar options you have. CLICK HERE

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pumps are a growing measure, but customers need to know, the what, the how and the who! Our partner Electrum has the best tool for this! You can learn, and get paired with the best contractor! Lets Talk

Electric Vehicles

Your customers want them, its pretty clear this is the future. Now use the marketplace and the thousands of customers who shop products to educate, inform and get that EV into their driveway! CLICK HERE

Embed, Integrate + Educate

The marketplace is the perfect outlet for growing your customers knowledges about these larger and more detailed programs and measures. Partners like Electrum and EnergySage allow EFI and our utilities to engage and inform their customers. Click Here

Market, Market and Market

Now that you have a great resource like your EFI marketplace, and are leveraging our Electrification Hub, you have to tell your customers all about it! Lets put our heads together to drive program growth, and your customers education and satisfaction!

EFI Technology Cores

EFI's All in One Utility Technology Core is your customer engagement tool of the future

Fullfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end in the marketplace. It ends when the product arrives at their door.

Customer Engagement Core

The All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities with holistic & behavioral analytic view of your customers' needs.

Instant Savings Core

With the Utility Marketplace, clients experience an 80% decrease in their program costs.

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