In Home Or Virtual?

An in home assessment or a virtual assessment will both lead to learnings about the customers home. Our integrations with the best in class assessment partners ensure your customers can take action to save energy and money!

Does a customer need a kit of products? Or a heat loan? Or can they benefit from Solar or large appliance rebates? The marketplace will help!

What is an Energy Assessment?

Let the pro's visit the home or help you over the phone, and find out where innefficinces are, leaks, or areas of the home that are costing your customers extra money. And then let the EFI marketplace and hub help engage, and personalize the products or services your customers need!

We know what they need... let them have it!

An integration with energy assessment partners will lead your customers to take action, to begin saving, and where you will see tangible increases in your decarbonization goals. EFI delivers 100,000's of assessment kits and products each year. 


An integration with your partner? Yes. We can work with anyone.


EFI ships 100,000's of products and kits based on what we KNOW about the customers home. 

An opening to all Electrification and savings

A home energy assessment that delivers impact, is your opening to the customer's home including future energy efficiency and electrification needs.

EFI Technology Cores

EFI's All in One Utility Technology Core is your customer engagement tool of the future

Fulfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end in the marketplace. It ends when the product arrives at their door.

Customer Engagement Core

The All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities with holistic & behavioral analytic view of your customers' needs.

Instant Savings Core

With the Utility Marketplace, clients experience an 80% decrease in their program costs.

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