E-Rebates: Instant In-store Rebate

Sometimes called RAAS or Rebates As A Service, EFI's E-Rebates Instant Instore platform is an innovative mobile technology that allows easy and instant access/savings to products no matter where your customer is.  Answer a few simple questions, instantly receive a coupon good at the big box store you are in or are heading to, save $$ at checkout. It's that easy. Lets Talk

Effective & Innovative & Affordable

This innovative mobile technology is not only cost effective and time efficient to the customer but also provides the same benefits to the utility program. The seamlessness of the technology empowers the customer to adapt to a more energy efficient product for their home and rewards their choice instantly. Lets Talk

Innovation, It's What We Do

Retrieves in-store user data

Be in the know about customer trends, their wants, and needs. Then act on those learnings to better engage!

Real-time validation

Answer a few easy questions and ensure only your customers are participating.

Instant Coupon

Instantly receive a coupon and save at checkout right there in the store.

Instant Rebates: EFI Has been processing these for 30 years!

Yup. 30 Years. It's not new, but now it's better and more engaging. And it fits seamlessly within your program ecosystem.

Utility Branded

An intregaral piece of your omni-channel digital customer exerperience. Customers instantly affiliate E-Rebates with the utility's brand, mission and goals. Contact EFI


EFI ensures a seamless user experience with E-Rebates allowing customers to focus on the incredible rebate offers available.

Real-Time Data

Establish a personalized relationship with your customers by utilizing their real-time user data. Lets Talk

Product Adoption

E-Rebates empowers your customers to make the more energy efficient choice while shopping in-store.

Security & PCI Compliance

EFI is committed to the protection of all personal and payment account data for your customers.

Customer Support

Trained on your protocol, our in-house contact center experts answer 700,000+ calls a year and integrates seamlessly into the marketplace and rebate technologies. Lets Talk


Take control of the look and feel of your energy efficiency program by customizing the customers experience through EFI's platforms.

Educational Content

Customers are empowered to learn more about the EE solutions available to them with the resources they need.

Instant Verification

Allow your customers to instantly confirm they are eligible to receive deals through your EE program.

EFI Technology Cores

EFI's All in One Utility Technology Core is your customer engagement tool of the future



Fulfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end in the marketplace. It ends when the product arrives at their door.

Customer Engagement Core

The All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities with holistic & behavioral analytic view of your customers' needs.

Instant Savings Core

With the Utility Marketplace, clients experience an 80% decrease in their program costs.

Customer Testimonials

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Reach your customers & Exceed your goals

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