Kits Branded For You

EFI Kits are branded delivery boxes that boost customer satisfaction and brand awareness. An EFI Product kit can fulfill savings goals, provide education to customers and serve and an introduction tool for the utility EE program. EFI designs, builds, procures product and ships your kit, ensuring quality and energy savings.

Fulfillment Is Included

EFI Kit fulfillment is a seamless positive customer touchpoint that provides the utility higher EE savings! These customizable kits can show up to a 72% lift in program adoption with free kits of LED bulbs, water conservation products, Wi-Fi thermostats and more. Positive customer touchpoints = positive customer satisfaction and increased program adoption.

Curated and Personal

A positive customer touchpoint

Be the utility your customers rely on for personalized service, benefits, deals and insights.

Platform variety

Customers can receive a variety of kit platform offerings, tailored to the utility's EE program, and to their interests.

Why EFI's Kits & Incentives Work


Shift, shape, brand! Customers instantly affiliate their kit offering with the utility's brand, mission and goals.

Track Savings

EFI's Kit offerings provide the special opportunity to track energy efficiency savings easier and seamlessly.

Marketing Insights

Receive marketing insights through an online platform for your kit offering on your customers participating.

Increased Engagement

Create a trusted brand for your customers to receive deals, benefits and insights.

Security & PCI Compliance

EFI is committed to the protection of all personal and payment account data for your customers.

24/7 Customer Support

Trained for your protocol, our in-house contact center experts answer 700,000+ calls a year and works seamlessly with your energy program.

Bulk Fulfillment

With EFI's 100,000 sq ft warehouse, bulk fulfillment is provided at the utility's convenience.

Education Content

Customers are empowered to learn more about the EE solutions available to them with the resources they need.

Program Adoption

Customers are empowered to adopt energy efficient products delivered right to their doorstep.

EFI Technology Cores

Fulfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end with ordering, it ends when the kit arrives at their door.

Customer engagement Core

The All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities with holistic.

Instant Savings Core

With the EFI's Kit offering, utilities lower the barrier to savings and efficiency savings.

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