Post Purchase Rebates

EFI's Downstream or Post Purchase rebate services allow utility customers to receive savings on energy efficient products. We know there is demographic who utilizes this method and EFI has built a proprietary real-time incentive management system that digitizes traditional rebates - which enables faster customer payments and faster energy savings.

Traditional, Yet Innovative

EFI's Traditional Rebate offering, where we have processed over $2 Billion of rebates, utilizes new technology to better the customer experience. Via online portals, customers are able to fill out rebate applications, scan, drag and drop or upload all needed information and complete an application in minutes. They are also able to track progress, and ultimately, they are able to receive their check(s) 75% faster than other traditional methods.

The Good Stuff

An Integrated Solution

Stay up to date with your customers rebate offerings and activity

Flawless incentive delivery

Incentives can be delivered in multiple payment forms, tailored to your program needs

Faster Payment

Easier uploads, tracking and faster payments. The ultimate customer experience.

An Engagement Tool for All Demographics

Priority Branding

Customers instantly affiliate EFI's rebates with the utility's brand, mission and goals. Contact EFI


EFI ensures a seamless user experience with tradtional rebates allowing customers to focus on the incredible offer available.

Easy Management

Customers can access their rebate information through online platforms or by contacting our trained customer service staff.

Product Adoption

Traditional Rebates empower your customers to make the more energy efficient choice while shopping in-store. Lets Talk

Always Secure

EFI is committed to the protection of all personal and payment account data for your customers.

Customer Support

Trained for your protocol, our in-house contact center experts answer 700,000+ calls a year and works seamlessly with the marketplace and rebate technologies. Lets Talk


EFI Rebates services enable all demographics to make the energy effecienct choice and provides a customizable solution to their and your needs.

Brand Success

We guarantee faster payments and faster energy savings to your customers via our proprietary rebate management system and online portals. Contact EFI

High Conversion

Free up friction points in your customers' experiences and watch your program grow and surpass goals.

EFI Technology Cores

Fulfillment Core

The utility customer experience doesn't end with the rebate submission. It ends when the payment arrives at their door. EFI marks 99% of rebate submissions complete in just weeks.

Customer Engagement Core

EFI's All-In-One Engagement Platform provides utilities a holistic & behavioral analytic view of your customers' needs. Paired with user data, we see NPS scores over 80, and program satisfaction in the 90's!

Instant Savings Core

With EFI's Downstream rebates, utilities lower the barrier to savings and efficiency savings.

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Reach your customers & Exceed your goals

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