Holiday Shopping 2020: Why Instant In-Store Rebates will be Impactful

Holiday Shopping 2020: Why Instant In-Store Rebates will be Impactful Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

2020 has been full of unknowns, but one thing’s for sure - Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the holiday shopping season is just months away, and consumers will be spending. Though 2020 has seen a steady spike in online shopping, research from Critero strongly suggests that many consumers will be hitting the stores for their holiday shopping needs as well.

EFI’s Instant e-Rebate Platform offers a way to reach consumers in-store and will be extra impactful this holiday season.

About EFI’s Instant e-Rebate Platform

EFI's Instant e-Rebates Platform is an innovative mobile technology that allows for quick and easy savings on energy-efficient products no matter where your customers are. Customers simply need to shop, scan a QR code, answer a few questions, and bring their phone to the register for immediate savings.

This technology is cost effective and efficient for utility customers and companies alike, empowering customers to upgrade to more efficient products and helping utility companies reach savings goals faster.


Since the launch of the mobile Instant e-Rebates platform, EFI has processed over 30,000 Instant e-Rebates totaling over 2 million dollars in utility customer savings.


Why Instant e-Rebates will be Extra Impactful this Holiday Season

Though e-Rebates have always been beneficial to utilities and their customers, they will be extra impactful this holiday season. Here’s why:

More Money in Customers’ Pockets Now

Holiday spending may bring a larger-than-normal sense of dread to many this year. By providing savings right at checkout, Instant e-Rebates help customers purchase energy-efficient, money-saving products for less - now!

A Little Less Holiday Stress

The holidays are often stressful, but may be even more so this year. No one wants additional hassles, and Instant e-Rebates help. They eliminate the work of finding a coupon, searching for a suitable rebated product, submitting rebate paperwork, and checking on the status of a rebate check.

Safely and Quickly In and Out

This year’s in-store shopping experience won’t look like last year’s. With increased health and safety concerns, customers will want to be in and out - FAST.  Instantly rebated products have marketing collateral right on them to make life easy. Customers simply see the item is eligible for a rebate, scan it, and go. It’s that easy.

Meets Consumers’ Evolved Expectations

In this digital age, consumers expect convenience, speed, and instant gratification. In fact, in a recent study by the National Retail Federation, 83% of respondents said convenience in shopping is more important now than it was five years ago.2   EFI’s Instant e-Rebates platform meets these expectations and provides a positive experience for customers that they associate with your brand!


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13,500 consumers were surveyed about their shopping preferences in May 2020. 64% of respondents said they missed going to physical stores and 65% replied that they will be comfortable going to shopping malls by October.

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