EFI's 2020 Review - 5.2M Energy Efficiency Products Sold

EFI's 2020 Review - 5.2M Energy Efficiency Products Sold Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

BOSTON, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- As 2021 races to a quick start, EFI finds it important to halt and take a moment to reflect on what 2020 brought to the table. Amongst an incredibly challenging year, 2020 was packed with successes and learnings for both our organization and our clients which included:

  • New business launched with highly esteemed utilities
  • Historic sales – 5.2M energy-efficient products across marketplaces
  • Increased savings for low to moderate-income customers
  • COVID safe kits
  • Outstanding utility/customer impact

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Program Results

Together, utilities and EFI helped customers save approximately 338 million annual kWhs, which is equivalent to $35M in annual cost savings! This further bolstered EFI’s mission, which is to encourage people to use our planet’s limited energy and water resources wisely by offering them high quality conservation products at an affordable price. Nothing rang truer in 2020 given the unprecedented struggles and changes all homeowners and business owners were forced to endure.

  • 338M kWhs saved
  • $35M money savings
  • 5.2M EE products distributed
  • kWh savings equivalent to 21,243 Powered homes (annually)
  • Greenhouse emissions savings equivalent to 22,588 Cars on road (annually)

New Biz: 9 New Marketplaces!

2020 forced utilities to reflect on all programs and identify what was working and what was lacking. EFI’s technologies help make energy-efficient choices easy and affordable, and for those reasons, EFI was awarded multiple new utility marketplaces.

Marketplace Highlights:

  • Enhanced UX and easy to shop categories of products
  • Scheduling features and financial services to customers
  • Updated and largest product offering, including EV chargers, connected home devices and solutions
  • Increased rebate program participation at a lower cost
  • Valuable customer insights to improve the overall utility/customer relationship


Reaching Low to Moderation Income (LMI) Customers

EFI partnered with Fannie Mae to help utilities identify and engage LMI customers. EFI generated a personalized customer journey to help these customers in a time of need. Customers received access to a free smart thermostat with the use of a unique promotion code. Easier said than done? WRONG! It’s that easy. https://www.efi.org/resources/white-papers/reaching-an-underserved-community/

Energy Savings through COVID Kits

With stay-at-home orders in place, utility customers were faced with increasing utility bills and the real possibility of having to choose what bill to pay. Instead of asking customers to order energy efficient products online, EFI worked with utilities to target those most in need, and sent energy-saving products right to their customers' doorsteps - at no cost to them! -> https://www.efi.org/resources/covid-19/how-utilities-are-responding-to-the-customers-fear/


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