Staff in the Spotlight: Chris Palaima

Staff in the Spotlight: Chris Palaima Energy Federation Incorporation EFI | Energy Federation Incorporation

This month, we're excited to honor and introduce Chris Palaima, our Director of Customer Experience. Chris is responsible for identifying and developing all culture, process and performance improvements and efficiencies for the customer with his Data Processing, Customer Service, and Training teams.

Chris's career in the Energy Efficiency space started as pure luck. He started as a temporary employee but found many opportunities within EFI and took on every challenge thrown his way. "I had the will. EFI gave me the skills, direction, and foundation I needed to propel my career" he says.

Since those early days, Chris has managed ventures from nearly every department here from our warehouse management system, to launching OnBase, to other projects such as 4DX, IMS, LMS, and a professional development program.

Launching OnBase, a paperless workflow system, was monumental for both EFI as a company as well as for Chris's career. It was the 2nd major project he was a part of that allowed EFI to utilize a paperless solution. As the leader of the OnBase project, Chris had to learn a new system inside and out, convert all existing paper processes for our Downstream programs, and launch it internally. OnBase was launched successfully and we continue to see the positive impact of OnBase to this day!

Outside of the office, Chris is an avid sports fan, supporting all the New England team alongside his wife and two dogs (a Husky named Chance and a German Sheppard/Husky mix named Lola) from their mini basement theater. He is also very close to his two brothers and from a young age, Chris took it upon himself to be their role model and show them how hard work with a positive attitude can get them anywhere they wanted to go.

Through working with EFI, Chris has expanded his overall awareness of human's impact on the environment and understand his responsibility to do his part, whether it's recycling or avoiding using products such as plastic or Styrofoam. He has also made efforts to replace nearly all the appliances him his home to Energy Star appliances and recently made the switch to Nest thermostats.

We're glad you landed here at EFI, Chris! We can't wait to see what challenge you take on next!


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